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6 Ways To Help Your Kids Build Organizational Skills

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By R.Seal

Lack of organizational skill in your kids is one of the common causes of poor grades and performance in school. Developing good organizational skills right from childhood will not only help your child succeed in school but also in their careers later on in life.

Here are some quick strategies you can follow to help your kid develop organizational skills:

  1. Introduce a to-do list.

Whether it’s a checklist of things to do after returning from school or things to do on holidays, help your kid get into the habit of making a “to-do”  list of every single activity they are required to do. Starting from homework assignments to what materials they need to take to school, your child should maintain a list and refer to it to manage time and organize his tasks.

  1. Create a household schedule.

Help your child grow in a strict regular routine which has a proper meal time, bedtime and a wake-up time. Also, limit television watching, video games, and other activities into a specific time period of the day, which will indirectly help your child in being organized with his routine.

  1. Designate a particular study time and space.

The most important thing you can do to encourage good study habits in your child is ─ first by designating them a particular place to study without any kind of distractions and second by reserving a certain time for their study. Even if they do not have any kind of home assignments or exams to prepare make them spend that certain time in reading story books or reviewing the old lessons.


  1. Organize the night before.

This is yet another important strategy to make your child learn to be organized.  Before you child goes to bed, make them organize their school bag and the other supplies and materials that are required in school the night before so that there is no rush in the morning and they can go to school well-prepared. Also, they should keep the next day’s uniform, shoes, socks, and accessories ready by themselves.

  1. Conduct a weekly cleanup.

Enforce a sense of organization in your child by conducting a weekly cleanup of their rooms, book bags, book shelves and their toys. Also, help them keep their room organized according to their preference which will help them grow a positive attitude towards staying organized.

  1. Encourage them with organizational tasks.

Maintaining a fixed routine and staying organized can be a challenging task for your kid to do. So, for helping them in continuing to be organized, a time to time encouragement is very necessary for your kid. Appreciate their effort in trying to be organized by praising them or rewarding them.

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