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5 Tips for Mothers to Beat Everyday Stress

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Let’s face it! Being a mom isn’t an easy job! You have to multitask like no other and even then, if something remotely goes wrong, the blames all fall on you! It’s no wonder that stress never leaves your mind as you juggle between multiple tasks that too with a smile on your face. So here are some quick and useful tips to beat the everyday stress for you—

Tips for Mothers To Beat Stress

  1. Try to plan ahead

It’s very tedious to do all the chores in the morning, from preparing breakfast to packing your child’s school bag, sending him to school, then addressing your husband’s office schedule, so on and so forth. So, relax and try to plan your day ahead by finishing off some chores from the previous night.

This way, your mornings won’t be rushed, and you can also wake up one hour early to have some me time, wherein you can do some yoga, sip coffee, listen to music and then get ready for the day’s battle!

  1. ALL chores are not yours

Believe in the policy of delegating some chores, because trust us, you are not supposed to do all of it by yourself and if you do, you will only overstress yourself!

Try to assign some chores to others, like your husband, your maid, and some simple chores like organizing rooms, even to your kids.

This way you will not only help build a feeling of responsibility in them but also cut yourself some much-needed slack.

  1. Keep calm

This is a simple mantra you need to follow. Kids can sometimes really test your patience by ruining something you had just fixed or caused damage that you can’t repair. Instead of losing your cool and yelling at them, relax and take a deep breath.

Make your kids understand the problem calmly so that they understand it and don’t repeat the same mistake. And if you think you can’t control your anger, you can simply go to another room and take a break for a while and talk to them once you have regained your composure.

  1. Don’t overthink

Although this is easier said than done, if there’s a will there’s a way. You need to relax and not worry about problems which are not even there.

You are doing just fine as a mother and once you start believing in it, others will believe it too. Motherhood is no profession and nobody is perfect. You have to learn it on the go.

  1. Give yourself some time

Don’t let motherhood overshadow who you are. Remember you are a human being first, with likes and dislikes, hobbies and wants.

So, don’t forget to take some time off for yourself, pursue a hobby, meet some friends. This way, you will keep yourself refreshed and will enjoy motherhood all the more.


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