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5 Things You NEED To Know About Your Newborn Before He Makes An Entry

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It is no doubt that parenting blues can be hard to deal with and as a first-time parent, the level of anxiety is all the more!

A safe bet is being prepared about it from beforehand so that you know what to expect and aren’t totally caught off guard once your baby does make an entry in your life—

5 Tips for Becoming Parents

  1. A newborn looks pretty funny on arrival

Yes, a baby is beautiful but when the little bud is out of your tummy, his appearance initially will look quite funny to you.

The reason is simple. He has been in a different environment inside your womb for 9 long months and with all the pushing and pulling out of the birth canal during the labor, his appearance wouldn’t exactly be called ‘’beautiful’’ since he would be having smaller limbs, a bigger head, and would barely open his eyes!

But the good news is in 1-2 months time, his appearance will totally become what you have envisioned it to be, and he will be your cute little chub!

  1. A newborn’s skin peels

Your newborn will have visibly wrinkly skin, given the fact that the earth’s atmosphere is different than what he was inside your womb.

But you need not worry since this wrinkly skin will soon become flaky and peel off, making way for the ever so soft pink baby skin to finally show up.

  1. Be prepared for some loud cries

Your little one in initial days has only the power of crying as a means of communication, so he will be crying for every little thing!

Be it hunger, diaper soiling, or the need to be comforted, your baby will denote all of it by crying and sometimes out loud. Don’t worry, this tendency will go away as the months’ pass.

  1. Spits and poops—Be prepared

Your little one’s muscles are still developing and so he will poop a little too often and if the milk he had isn’t digested well, he will spit it up too.

Make sure to burp your baby every time you feed him, this way you can be assured that he won’t spit the food up.

  1. Don’t bath your baby daily

Your baby doesn’t need an everyday bath to stay clean. Till the stump of the umbilical cord falls off, make sure to softly wipe that area daily.

After that, you can bathe your baby in lukewarm water every 2-3 days and use a sponge bath to keep him clean and tidy.

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