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Your perfect guide to positive parenting

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It is no surprise that we all want to be good parents and raise our kids the best way possible.

Every day, we juggle between multiple stuff and give our best shot at being there for our kids. Positive parenting is an approach wherein you raise your kids with sound self-esteem, good morals, confidence, compassion, honesty, emotional stability, and of course love and affection.

It acts as a solid groundwork to form an impeccable bond between you and your kids, something that later transforms the little ones into more responsible and understanding adults.

Positive Parenting Tips:

1.  Try to be a positive role model yourself

Your child is a copycat who loves to imitate everything, especially from you. It thus becomes imperative that you are an ideal role model for the little one.

Always remember, you should behave the way you want your child to behave. Be polite, kind, honest, and loving, and in all possibilities, your child will take the same from you and be the same way.

2. Set up a good routine

The key to discipline kids is a good routine. Habits good or bad stay with them forever, so it is always good to start early when it comes to establishing a routine for the kids.

If bedtime is at 9 pm, make sure the kids follow it. The same goes for their playtime and homework time.

3. Be firm and consistent

Don’t be too flexible with the rules else the kids will think the rules actually hold no weight and can be bent anytime they want. If the rule is that staying past bedtime means no television the next day, make sure it’s implemented.

4. Praise the little one often

Words of appreciation can make anyone’s day and your child is no different. Whenever he does something good or follows the rules, make sure you appreciate him. It acts as a wonderful motivator for him to do things even better.

5. Communicate with your child daily

Make sure every day you have a one on one communication session with your child. This should be a time where you both share about each other’s day. Keep it chill and don’t be strict.

Your child shouldn’t dread this session, instead, he should always look forward to it as something where he can pour his heart out and mommy and daddy would listen without getting angry.

6. Criticize the behavior, not your child

There will be times when your child would do things that annoy you the most. Don’t lose your calm and understand that your hate should be directed only to the behavior your child exhibited, but not your child per se!

Many times in the heat of the moment parents vent out in front of their kids, saying some hateful words, and these have a negative impact on the child’s mind. Never say something nasty to your child, instead, be polite and condemn the behavior, not him.

7. Be a good listener

This is very important. Your child may be small and may often utter things that have no logic or sense, but make sure you don’t make a laughing stock out of it.

This can gravely damage his self-esteem and affect his personality development in a negative way. Be patient and try having a reasonable and mature conversation, where you both can spend some quality time together.

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