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5 things we totally HATE about winters

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Winters might be the favorite season for majority of the Indians, given that the country is almost embraced in the strong embrace of sun for more than 80% of the year. But one can’t simply deny that there’s a list of things despite the happy, chilly winter breezes that make the season quite irksome at times.

So without further ado, let’s take a dip into the list we got—

Worst things in Winters

  1. Layers and layers of clothing

While layering is a great fashion mojo, for those, happily disconnected from the swag world, layering becomes a little too irksome. Reason? It takes too much of work. Inners, basic clothing, sweaters, cardigans, pullovers, scarves, hats, accessories, phew! Where’s the time to breathe?

What makes it worse is when you feel super cold in the morning and deck yourself with layers of warm clothes, only to realize at a later half of the day that you feel warm, which leaves you clueless about where to stuff the pile of warm clothing now?

  1. Waking up in the morning

Could it BE anymore harder? (Chandler style!) Waking up in the chilly winter mornings is nothing less than feeling somebody reprimanding for a crime you never committed! Especially for those individuals who need to rush to their schools, colleges, and workplaces early in the morning—poor souls, we empathize with you!

  1. The static

As if the untimely winter hair fall wasn’t all, you also have to suffer at the hands of the devil called static! With your hair getting stuck to anything woolen, not only is the sound of static agitating to the eardrums, but also the bad, bad affect of it that makes your hair brittle and prone to damage.

  1. Darkness, darkness everywhere

You wake up early at 5 AM, it’s pitch dark outside. Is it even morning yet? It is, but a winter one, so darkness is conspicuous. If you that that was the only downside, na-uh! 5 PM, again dark? Did the sun rise at all today?

  1. Your skin gets messier

As if acne, breakouts or lack of hydration didn’t bother you enough for the rest of the year, here comes winter, to add further to your agony! Not only does your skin become more sensitive and dry during winters, it also becomes extremely prone to peeling. So like it or not, it’s time to dab a truckload of moisturizer on that face buddy!

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