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5 signs that he will cheat on you again

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Commitment is a big word. It is not everyone’s cup of tea; and while some may just have fears of commitment, it doesn’t mean they will cheat on their partner once they do commit. However, there are many out there who do brag about being “committed” like it is as easy as breathing but turn out to be the endorsers for betrayal.

While some guys do change and definitely make amends after cheating, not all guys are going to rectify their wrongdoing and end up going down the wrong way, yet AGAIN.

On that note, here are five signs that you should seriously consider as grave warnings because they might be the indication that he’s going to cheat on you once again—

5 Cheating Signs

Trust your gut feeling

Girls are born with some natural superpowers. Yes, pain endurance and emotional abundance are just two of them but what outshines them both are their strong instincts. If you have a gut feeling that he’s lying to you and cheating on you, then it’s better to think it all through properly rather than just brushing it off saying it’s just overthinking. Your gut won’t guide you to the wrong path.

 Past records don’t lie

History has it, past records may be more than just past after all. If your boyfriend has a record of cheating on his girlfriends in the past, then chances are he’s going to do it with you too. As the saying goes, “old habits die hard,” and well, sometimes, they just can’t die at all.

He has a tendency of blaming you for his affairs

Accepting one’s fault in the moment is one thing and staying true to that acceptance in a prolonged phase is another. While getting back to you your boyfriend may have said he’s sorry and he won’t repeat the wrong again, but eventually, if he starts putting the blame of his betrayal on you then consider it the number one sign that the dude hasn’t changed AT ALL.

Taking you for granted

It takes a lot for someone to condone one’s betrayal and a real lover would consider your forgiveness as a golden opportunity to mend the sour ties and never letting you go, trying to make you all happy and being genuinely apologetic for the previous bitterness. However, a guy with a tendency to cheat will only take you for granted, not listen to you, and blatantly ignore most of your opinions, as he inculcates in his mind that if you could forgive his betrayal once, you can very well do it again.

He keeps things from you

This is pretty basic but a very vital sign. Honesty and transparency are the main foundation stones of any relationship, and if your boyfriend tends to not be transparent enough to you and share his everyday stories with you, then it won’t really be wrong on your part to be apprehensive about his true colors.


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