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5 makeup blunders that make you look older than your age

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Makeup is one of the finest kinds of art. And as history says it, art, if done right, is mesmerizingly beautiful, and if done wrong, it is only a pain to the sight.

Well, many women take years and years to ace the art of makeup, and hey, it is not a destination. You keep learning and learning, discovering new styles, techniques, and tricks that make you gorgeous, beautiful and radiant.

However, the same techniques, if performed wrongly can make things worse. Here are five makeup blunders that many women make and end up looking older than their age—

5 makeup blunders

Not wearing the right foundation

Many women can’t choose the right foundation according to your skin color, and wear a color that simply won’t look natural on their skin. As a result, they tend to look older since the unmatched foundation color makes the makeup look cakey, patchy as well as unnatural.

They go for only bottom eyeliners

Many women out there believe and abide by the fact that they should only go for the lower lid eye lining since it is easy, quick and cool. Truth is, it is incomplete and makes your eyes less appealing. Mastering the top lid eye lining can be a deal for the starters, but once you are habituated; there’s nothing like it, as it will give your eyes definition, and make you look more radiant.

They kinda always choose the darker shade lipsticks

Lighter shades of lipstick make one’s lips look more plump, glowing and subtle. While wearing darker shades is the need for some occasions, try applying lighter, glossy shades of lipsticks and lip glosses to make your lips look fuller and face look youthful.

 Not drawing your eyebrows

While some people are blessed with naturally dense brows, some suffer from those “thin-lined brows” that often need to be drawn and defined to add volume. However, when you tend to age, your brows start thinning and frequent plucking even puts them at a stage where they can no longer grow. Hence, it is essential that you add color and definition to your brows when doing your makeup.


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