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5 Exquisite Video Editors That You Can Try For Free

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Would you like to create awe-inspiring videos for your blog, webpage, or your own YouTube channel? Making videos that look absolutely professional is a must in each of these cases. You’d want to be able to cut certain scenes, add content as easily as possible, and probably even add some music.

Even if you’ve never edited videos, the market is rather large with free video editors. It could be hard for you to tell which one’s right for you. As a professional, you may look for further editing options. Check out these free online video editors for all your needs such as Promo.

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You’ve never heard of Promo? Well, then it’s about time you do. The huge advantage of using Promo’s online video editor is that you can use it for all sorts of videos. You can make amazing videos for YouTube, your website, marketing purposes, showcasing real estate or products and so much more.

They’ve got an extensive library with all sorts of free assets, such as templates and pre-approved music. Of course, you can upload your own photos, videos, and music, too. For being a free service, Promo offers you quite a good variety of tools you can use immediately to play around.

As it’s a video editor, you don’t have to download anything to your computer. If you wanted to, you could edit videos on the go. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to use. You can add your own logo and text as well. Especially adding your own logo is an important fact to note. A lot of free editing tools wouldn’t allow it.

Instead, you end up with the watermark of the respective online video editor. And that doesn’t look very professional. With Promo it doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or already a pro. You simply choose a template, customize it to your imagination and that’s it.

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Clipchamp allows you to work on as many videos for free as you like. It’s also extremely easy to use with its drag and drop feature. To save time, you don’t have to upload your videos to the Clipchamp platform from your computer. This highlight saves you some data if you’re on a data plan and editing videos on the go.

You can trim or cut your videos while you can enhance their brightness, colors, or add filters. Apart from being a video editor, Clipchamg also provides you with a compressor and a webcam recorder. That makes Clipchamp quite a multipurpose online video editor.

However, this free editing tool comes with a few downsides. As a free version, it only provides you with basic editing tools. Even if you’re going for a paid version of Clipchamp, you won’t get more advanced editing tools. Clipchamp only works with Chrome and you’d require the latest version for it to work with Clipchamp.

Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter can be accessed through the webpage and it doesn’t have such a fancy design like other online video editors. But its interface is rather clear, so you can directly cut, trim or rotate your video. The Online Video Cutter platform can work with any video format which might be limited on other platforms.

The huge advantage of Online Video Cutter is that it’s completely free to use. Instead of uploading videos of up to 500 Mb from your computer, you can also upload videos to Online Video Cutter via an URL. You’d not have to sign up for a subscription plan in order to download your finished video. Consequently, it’s completely free to use.

However, Online Video Cutter doesn’t offer special editing features such as filters, brightness or color enhancements, and so on. Thus, it’s quite a basic online video editor. Hopefully, you haven’t removed Flash from your computer yet as you’ll need it to use Online Video Cutter.

Online Video Cutter
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Adobe Spark

Who’d have thought there’d be a completely free tool by Adobe? With Adobe Spark you can’t just edit videos, but also create flyers and posters without needing Photoshop. It’s recommendable to complete beginners as Adobe Spark provides you with a couple of templates and themes.

Before you start editing your video with Adobe Spark, you may want to check their tutorial first. Simply upload your video or photos, use one of their templates and their music.

Unfortunately, the choice of templates is rather limited on Adobe Spark as is the choice of music you may want to add to your video. There aren’t many editing features either, but that makes Adobe Spark a rather simple online video editor to use.

While you can add your own text, the video will bear Adobe’s watermark at the end of the video. Thus, it’s not recommendable to use for professional purposes. Unless you want potential clients to think you’re sponsored by Adobe.


Lightworks would be more suitable for video editors that have already gathered at least some experience. If you’ve already gathered some experience with graphic design tools, you may get along with Lightworks just fine.

It’s not an online video editor, but you can download and use it for free. As such, it provides you with a bunch of editing features that will make your videos shine.

From filters for color correction to artistic vignettes, transition effects, video montage tools and presets for beginners, Lightworks does offer quite a range of editing options. With its keyboard support, you can trim videos exactly to the size you desire. Additionally, it’s open to adding several plugins, such as from Adobe.

Parting Words on Online Video Editor

There will always be disadvantages with different tools you’ll come across. You can either select the main perks for a specific tool and stick with it. It might be a little tedious to work with, but it will ensure that the main perk for the chosen tools will address your needs.

So, take your time and really make sure to choose the right tool. Moreover, having a strategy on how to tackle a project is always the way to go. Also, make sure to avoid any predatory situation.

Most likely there will be some scams out there, so be careful with what you stumble across. The apps listed here are well-known and have a strong reputation in the industry, so keep that in mind when doing your research.


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