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Invention of Stepwell

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History of Stepwell

Stepwell originated in India, long ago during the Indus Valley Civilization, in areas which as on current date, fall under the jurisdiction of the neighboring country of Pakistan. Evidences from history discovered, studied and analyzed by archeologists and researches show that three significant aspects of stepwells have been found at a site which was abandoned ages ago, somewhere in the 2500 BCE.

This site consists of three aspects: first is a bathing pool, next is the steps that lead down to the water of the well, and third is various figures that hold religious values that were imbibed into one complete structure. Many of Jainism, as well as Buddhist architecture, comprises of the concept of stepwells, which they adapted from the Indian culture right before the beginning of the common era.

It was Buddhism that spread the concept of stepwells from India to the rest parts of the world, by the practices associated with it, which also included ritual bathing. The concept of rock-cut step wells exists from the 200 to 400 CE.

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