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5 common mistakes women make with their lipsticks

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Colors reflect moods—playful, bold or funky. And when it comes to lipstick, it is that part of women’s cosmetics that perhaps surpasses everything. As it is rightly said that every woman loves a little stroke of some red lipstick, your lips define your facial expressions as much as your eyes do.

But quite often, we make some mistakes during wearing our lipsticks, rectifying which can actually make a big difference and give you that ever desirable pout for the camera and make you confident as never before.

So here are 5 of the most common mistakes that women make while wearing lipstick—

5 of the most common mistakes with their lipstick

1.       You are not moisturizing your lips enough

Your lips are quite sensitive than other parts of the body and hence, they obviously need more moisturizing compared to other body parts.

Lack of moisturizing results in dry lips, that give your lipstick a dull appearance no matter how glossy its texture.

So always remember to apply lip balm on your lips to keep them smooth and soft.

2.       You are forgetting the lip liner!

Many times women don’t consider it important to use a lip liner, and it results in uneven outlining of the lipstick, barring the “perfect look.”

Always choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick color and use it for outlining your lips to make sure the color doesn’t cross the perimeters and your lips are perfectly contoured.

3.       You are starting from the wrong place

The apt way to apply your lipstick is to start from the centre and slowly move towards the outer regions in order to avoid an unwanted spread of the color outside your lips.

But many women tend to start from the outer regions, resulting in uneven coloring of the lips, making the look fall down the fashion radar.

4.       You are not exfoliating your lips

Just like your facial skin and other parts of the body require regular exfoliation and scrubbing to get rid of the dead cells, your lips too require exfoliation in order to stay fresh and soft.

Use gentle scrubbing moisturizers to get rid of the flakes of your skin and don’t go too fast, as your lips are quite sensitive compared to other parts of the body.

5.       Blotting is a must—don’t forget it!

So you apply that dazzling shade of red lipstick but end up having traces of it everywhere—from the mug you sipped your coffee from to god knows what!

If you don’t want to spread the color everywhere in such a way, a wise solution is to place a tissue paper in between your lips and pat a little, to blot and block the oozing out of the bold color.

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