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3 reasons slit tops are must have in your closet

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About Slit Tops

Slit tops are the new benchmark in the world of fashion.

From monochrome to print, with a bunch load of designs and styles, they have become revolutionary in their own way and you can point almost every other celebrity sporting slits in most of their recent photographs, be it in events like film promotions, or simply a happy day out.

Here’s why we think slit tops are a must-have in your closet too—

  1. They enhance your figure

Slit tops have a beautiful flow that immediately enhances your curves, giving you the look of a much-desired hourglass figure, making you the center of attraction in any room.

  1. There’s a truckload of choices when it comes to slit tops

Slit tops have a wide variety to brag about, and no, that’s not just limited to fabrics and prints, but also style. While one can obviously opt for printed floral ones or monochrome colors, slit tops give you the choice to choose from the list of styles that the slits are designed.

If you want a little bit of skin show, you can go for slits that are cut from your side waists. If you want to flaunt a bolder look, you can go for full slits from your waist, revealing your stomach. If you want to keep it all shut but still be high on style, go for slits that are cut from below your hip lines, keeping your waist and tummy fully covered.

  1. They make you look taller

Since the fabric adorns your frame in one long shot, pairing your slip top with a pair of high heels immediately makes you look taller than you are. You also get the choice to select your desired bottoms—jeggings/ jeans/ or leggings, as you can be the most comfortable since your entire frame is covered thanks to the length of the slit top, making room for your choice to decide which bottoms to wear.

Some days you don’t feel like wearing jeans as you want your legs to be able to breathe a little, and hence, with slit tops, you totally get the liberty.

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