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Chidambaram – Popular Hindu Pilgrimage Place

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About Chidambaram

Located at a distance of around 235 KM from the city of Chennai in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram is a popular Hindu pilgrimage place, famous for its ancient Nataraj Temple that showcases Dravidian architecture in the truest sense. Other than this, the place is also surrounded by a list of other temples, all devoted to other Hindu deities.

The prime attraction of the Nataraj Temple is its four gateways, which are also known as the gopurams, each placed in a different cardinal location, portraying the varied manifestations of Lord Shiva.

The structure is also decked with a variety of Bharatanatyam dance carvings since it was temples like these, where the traditional and classical form of dance Bharatanatyam came into existence, performed by Devadasis in these temples.

Out of the four gateways, it is the northern gateway that stands the tallest, with a height of 42 meters. Many festivals and rituals are performed in the temple, attracting a large sum of devotees from all across the country; the most popular ones among these festivities are the Bhrammotsavs, which are the annual festivals, celebrated in winter every year, between the months of December and January, lasting for a period of 10 days.

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