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World Kidney Day – Second Thursday of March

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About World Kidney Day

Word Kidney day every year is celebrated on the second Thursday of March. It is celebrated in the form of a global awareness campaign to raise awareness about how kidneys are super important to us and our health.

The campaign is primarily focussed on reducing the impact of the diseases related to organs and the health problems which are associated with the kidneys. As per a current survey, one out of every ten people is affected by the diseases related to kidneys across the globe.


The world kidney day is celebrated jointly by the two parties, which are:

 A: ISN: International Society of Nephrology

 B: IFKF: International Federation of Kidney Foundations

The main objectives to celebrate this day is to:

  1. Encourage the people out there to adopt healthy lifestyles so that they can help in preventing or controlling kidney diseases or control them.
  2. Make the kidney disease screening a health care intervention by the doctors.
  3. To ensure that all the kidney patients out, there receive some essential health care services which they would need without actually facing hardships related to finances.
  4. Make sure that there are adequate transport facilities that enable easy access to transplantation or dialysis.

The mission of World Kidney Day:

The primary purpose is to raise awareness of the word Kidney in our lives, to understand its health hazards and reduce the impact of kidney diseases and the various health problems associated with it.


It was in the year 2006 when the world Kidney day was started, and since then, the entire has been very enthusiastic to celebrate it with true passion and vigor. Every year, there is a specific campaign that runs, and there are different themes assigned to each campaign every year.

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