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No Smoking Day – Second Wednesday of March

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About No Smoking Day

Each year, no smoking day is celebrated during the second week of March. The primary objective of this day is to help all the smokers out there to quit smoking which is extremely hazardous for health. This day also contributes to raising awareness about the fact that smoking affects the quality of life by smoking regularly.

The main target of this very day is to educate all sections of the society about what impact does Tobacco has through various modes such as cigarettes.


The awareness movement of no smoking day had started in 1984 in the United Kingdom on Ash Wednesday. Since that day, it has turned into an annual event where it tries to save the life of the people to help them get aware and quit smoking gradually. As per research, the efforts of No smoking day have been instrumental, and this day has been observed as helping people to quit smoking to no small extent.


People who smoke are generally encouraged to quit smoking, and this becomes an opportunity for them to stop it. Quitting smoking is not a very easy task for people who have been into this habit for years. Still, it is very worthy, as it will eventually improve the health of the individual drastically.

This is the day that is celebrated by individuals who care about the people around them who smoke and offer them multiple resources to get rid of this habit.

Also, there are multiple support groups that hold several sessions through meetings and phone calls to encourage the individuals to quit smoking and motivate them to the bits. There are also several insurance companies in the market which conduct programs to help individuals quit smoking and offer all the possible resources.

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