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Wonders of Artificial Intelligence—Microsoft & Tata Concept Car

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About Artificial Intelligence

The wonders of artificial intelligence and digital technology always bring us to look into the future with a zest and hope and this time too the case is no different as recently at ‘Future Decoded’—Microsoft’s annual event, the company revealed one of its future project; which is ‘C-Cube’—a concept car by Tata.

The theme of the annual event currently being held in Mumbai revolves around digital transformation as well as artificial intelligence and it comes in with no surprise that Microsoft has included the C-Cube concept car as a part of its ‘Project Transformation’ theme for the future. The collaboration between Microsoft and Tata Motors is expected to bring forth welcome changes wherein artificial intelligence blends with automobiles, in this case, a concept car, paving way for a plethora of innovative new projects in the near future.

The primary objective behind this partnership between Tata Motors and Microsoft is to enable drivers in the future to have an easy experience driving, wherein they can multitask, have a control over all the basic car features remotely, and during all of this, they don’t even need to touch their cell phones or any other device like they have to do presently. The whole system is supposed to be powered by Cortana, with a dynamic framework of AI that will be quite revolutionary as automobiles will get digitally more advanced. As revealed, the whole digital ecosystem is going to be powered by Azure cloud by Microsoft.

Needless to say, in India, it will Tata Motors, the first Indian car company to ever team up with Microsoft’s much-acclaimed vehicle technologies, to put forth the best move with a blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as IoT—Internet of Things. With such developments, it can be safe to say that the future does look bright when it comes to a better and safer driving experience for people in India.

Although there isn’t any confirmed or tentative date for the power-packed feature to launch in the Indian automobiles market yet, it is said that the day isn’t that far and the wait wouldn’t be that long! Let’s just say, we eagerly await it!


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