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Technological innovations essential for the customer experience in banks

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To implement digital transformation in your bank, technology must be seen as a means, not an end. It will be used to improve internal processes, optimize customer service and expand the range of transaction possibilities offered to customers.

Therefore, it is not just a matter of reinforcing the importance of the company’s technology team, but of implementing management changes and revolutionizing the role of technology in the very structure of the business. In the highly competitive banking industries, self-service kiosks offer far-reaching advantages.

Self Service Banking kiosk and technical EVOLUTION

As a part of technical evolution and virtual transformation, banking kiosk in India give you the flexibility to adopt emerging technologies and reduce operating costs.

Empower your customers to avoid lines and use Self-Service Kiosks to choose between services, apply for a loan, register for credit/debit cards, appointments, open a bank account, update bank passbook, contact customer support, cash withdrawal, and much more.

Designed and manufactured with an emphasis on the customer experience, the Kiosks feature a contemporary design and offer innovative self-service options, while transforming customer experiences in banks.

Benefits at a glance

An easily customizable Kiosk with a modular design and functional components to perform a complete set of banking functions. With an end-to-end process, the banking Kiosk facilitates the process of opening a bank account, prints instant bank cards, and enhances customer experiences, and much more.

An efficient and automated solution, designed to revolutionize the concept of providing telecommunications services to customers.

  • Reduce waiting times: Give customers a quick service option to avoid lines and get instant service,
  • Reduce operating costs: Serve more customers per day with fewer staff,
  • Higher customer satisfaction: Convenient transactions with instant receipts or tickets,
  • Compliant with ADA regulations: Developed with assistive technologies for disabled people,
  • Intuitive layout: Advanced interface for a smoother experience with multiple service options,
  • 24/7 service: Operational capacity to serve customers 24/7,
  • Integrative capacity: Can be seamlessly integrated with third-party applications,
  • Customizable: Hardware and application can be customized to suit specific requirements.

Why are banking kiosk in India important?

In highly competitive environments like banking, being brave enough to adopt innovations is often the best way to stay ahead. Helping your clients build the case for technology investment in the company is therefore an important early step in any project.

But when it comes to an entirely new approach that has not been tried or tested before in the organization, it can be difficult to beat the skeptics. Self-service kiosks are an example of this. In companies that haven’t used them before, filing them can seem complicated and expensive to new finance or business unit executives.

To integrate them, you will need to work with your team to explore and highlight the ways this investment will generate strong investment returns and positively impact the bottom line. The potential benefits of kiosks are vast.

Boost the customer experience

Any bank manager knows the importance of a fast customer handling process. But, it is not possible all the time. Delivering a more streamlined and satisfying customer experience will increase the reputation of the financial institution. It is also important in busy bank branches, as is the need to offer safe, efficient and useful services.

Having Self Service Banking kiosks is now mandatory to maintain less movement inside the banks, as a mandatory guideline by the Government of India and RBI, to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. It is very common to see people standing in a queue outside the bank.

Having a Self Service Banking kiosk in this situation will be ideal. The kiosks support fast and automated ordering or self-service banking. This enables customers to go through the purchase and transaction processes more quickly, while helping banks significantly improve their customer engagement.

The technological revolution in financial services

The digital transformation must happen in an integrated way and reach the bases of your bank. It must be part of each process and each decision, as it goes far beyond the implementation of new equipment and systems.

Therefore, the financial sector in particular can be highly benefited by the digital transformation, as the concept revolutionizes and expands the possibilities of solutions and services that banks and other financial institutions can offer to customers.

It is also necessary to understand that the digital transformation is no longer a differential, but rather the expectation of any company that wants to remain innovative and competitive within a constantly changing market.


Traditional companies need to invest in digital transformation in order not to lose their space for new businesses.

Digital transformation is capable of increasing the range of what companies can do, thus revolutionizing the quality of experience and the breadth of financial services offered to the client.

Many banks are turning the lack of advanced digital banking infrastructure, especially in rural areas in emerging regions, to their advantage by using cost-effective solutions, such as kiosks, to expand their operations and effectively serve a broader consumer base.

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