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Triumphs and tribulations of Shimnit India’s founder Nitin Shah

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Shimnit India was founded in 1987 by Nitin Shah, a competent and successful businessman who helped transform and evolve Shimnit Utsch India into a successful and profitable business. As a young 17 year old Gujarati boy Nitin shah began his professional journey working under his family business and his father as his superior. HIs father’s business was that of foundry products. Over the years Nitin Shah Shimnit Utsch helped transform the family business and took it overseas as well.

Along his journey he met strong intelligent business individuals who helped him throughout his journey. From friends to acquaintances, Nitin travelled all over the world for his business activities. He loved travelling and as he grew older, he appreciated the joy of learning and acknowledging different cultures and cuisines.

Nitin shah’ s journey wasn’t always that of a smooth ride. He learned from his business failures as well. But along this journey there were many individuals who falsely accused him of unproven crimes.

He was proven not-guilty by the honorable supreme court of India.

Though, through these tough times for him personally Nitin was extremely grateful for his family and friends who trusted in him.

Along his own independent journey as a founder of Shimnit Utsch India his business flourished largely because of his Japanese partners and clients. Nitin Shah considers Japan as his second home, having been travelling to and fro to the island country for over three decades he is extremely grateful for his Japanese partners.

Today, Shimnit Utsch India has a group of companies under it with an exceptional history of delivering unparalleled work in improving the Transport Sector of India through diverse projects in the past three decades.

Few of his Japanese business partners and clients include Hitachi Maxell, Kiwa chemical company Ltd, NZKNTK – Ceramic Piezo for Lighters, Makita – Electric power tools, Ishikawa Kogyo Manufactures of Stone Breaking and drilling machines, Mia Mada- Automatic drillers for electric tool.

As an individual outside work, Nitin Shah is a true Gujarati at heart, holding family values close to him. His belief of a proper work- life balance made his into a dedicated father and a kind family man. He to this day loves traveling with his family members.

Amidst the covid 19 pandemic, Nitin Shah spent all his time with his family members, though he missed traveling he realized what a different world a single virus has led to. Nitin Shah Shimnit Utsch India values its employees and cares for everyone’s personal goals and aligns them towards the organizational goals.

Over time, Nitin was joined by his son Rushang Shah who now directs and contributes to his business. The father- son duo enjoy their yearning for travel and cuisines, and they look forward to exploring many more countries together.

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