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How to redeem the Axis Bank credit card reward points to cash

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Credit cards from Axis Bank are among the most sought after credit cards available in India. The rewards program and its privileges are part of the Axis Bank credit cards’ appeal.

Axis Bank offers you reward points for the amount you spend on your credit cards, and you will then redeem the points on your credit card for enticing coupons, merchandise, or air miles.

You can gain reward points for using your Axis Bank credit card for your daily purchases, such as grocery shopping, purchasing film tickets, paying mobile bills, booking flights or hotels, etc.

How to Redeem Axix Bank Credit Card Loyalty Points from Axis Bank

Axis Bank Internet Banking

With your Customer ID & Password, log on to Internet Banking. On the Account Overview tab, click on Axis eDGE Rewards.

To view the Rewards Shop, accept the Terms & Conditions and then press ‘Redeem Now.’ Choose the reward of your choosing from different categories, add the redemption to the basket, and confirm it.

After accepting the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions for the first time, the next time you log in to Axis eDGE Rewards via the Axis Bank website using this feature, you can quickly redeem your points.

Follow the guidelines given below to do this:

Step 1- Go to the login page for internet banking at Axis Bank.

Step 2- From the Account Overview tab, click on Axis eDGE Rewards.

Step 3- After the terms and conditions have been approved, click on Redeem Now.

Step 4- Pick the item you want to redeem your points on in the Reward Store and press add to the basket.

Step 5- The redemption is verified. If you are winning points for the first time, accept the terms and conditions.

Mobile App for Axis Bank

Download the Mobile App for Axis Bank. To see your points balance, click on the ‘Rewards’ tab in the Menu. Go to the section called ‘Redeem Now’ and click on ‘Rewards Shop.’ Choose the rewards from various categories of your choosing, add them to the basket and confirm the redemption.

Follow the steps to redeem your points

Step 1- Download the official Android or iOS mobile App for Axis Bank.

Step 2- To see the balance of your points, click the Bonus Tab from the Menu.

Step 3- Go to the section ‘Redeem Now’ and pick the Rewards Store choice.

Step 4- Pick the product that you want to buy.

Step 5- In the basket, add an object and confirm the redemption.

Axis eDGE Rewards Website

You will need to sign up for the program by visiting the registration page to redeem your points through the Axis eDGE Rewards website.

You will need to select the appropriate product from the dropdown, depending on the item you hold and your relationship with the bank, and then fill in the appropriate information to register. You will get an email verifying your user ID and password once you have registered successfully.

With your user ID/customer ID & password, you can visit the ‘Redeem Now’ post-login site. From different categories, choose the incentive of your choosing. Attach & confirm the redemption to the basket.

The software will be automatically enrolled by those clients keeping select goods. All auto-registered customers will receive an email verifying their login credentials, which they will use to view or redeem their points for their loyalty program on the website. To reclaim the points, the steps are:

Step 1- Go to the Catalogue of Axis Bank Incentives.

Step 2- Pick the category or display all the items from which your points can be redeemed. You can sort the items and set the range to see how many reward points you want to purchase.

Step 3- Pick an object and then press Add to My Cart.

Step 4- To redeem your reward points, get the object, enter your login details, and follow the procedure.

Contact Centre

By calling 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555, you can redeem your points for items shown at the ‘Reward Shop’ via the contact centre. Services provided via the contact centre at the ‘Recharges & Bookings’ shop cannot be redeemed. Follow the steps laid down below to do this.

Step 1- Go to the Axis Bank Reward Shop.

Step 2- Determine the item on which you want your points to be spent.

Step 3- Call either 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-555555 on both numbers.

Step 4- Share with the customer service executive your credentials and position your order.

Axis Bank has a wide variety of items that its customers can redeem their reward points against. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Travel, dining, jewellery, online shopping, etc. Vouchers
  • Conversion to Club Vistara and Plane Privilege air miles.
  • iPhone from Apple
  • Electronic Supplies
  • Charitable donations

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