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Rajaji National Park

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About Rajaji National Park

Located along with the hypnotizing excellence of the Shivalik Mountain ranges in the ”Land of Gods” i.e. Uttaranchal. Rajaji National Park got to be acclaimed for its breathtaking excellence and its adorning bio assorted qualities in 1983.

Rajaji National Park is made up of consolidation of three remarkable sanctuaries to be specific Motichur Sanctuary, Chilla Sanctuary, and Rajaji Sanctuary.

The recreation center is named after the well known Sri C. Rajgopalachariya (Indian Statesman), famously alluded to as Rajaji.

The Park is spread over a zone of around 820 outstretched over the incorporating three areas to be specific Dehradun, Haridwar and Pauri Garhwal of the Indian state, Uttaranchal.

The Park is lavish in greenery and it thusly keeps up a biological equalization in the Shivalik’s normal system.

People trust that the Shivalik track is more than 10 million years of age. The park is secured up to 24 km by the awesome stream of the Ganges.

The Ganges and numerous different rivulets and streams are in charge of the park’s amazing vegetation and assorted qualities.

The park’s vegetation incorporates scrublands, sal woodlands, blended backwoods and green terrains.

The recreation center gives haven to a substantial number of feathered creatures and creatures like well-evolved creatures of different species, an assortment of butterflies, frogs and numerous different sorts of amphibians, uncommon lizards and snakes.

The park stays available for the voyagers the entire week from mid-November to the mid of June.

The park stays shut amid the blustery season. The backwoods rest houses give facilities to the vacationers amid the season.

The excessive park gives a few chances to its travelers to benefit as much as possible from their involvement with enamoring scenes, yearning views, and natural life.

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