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Raised Leg Pose: Uttanapadasana

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About Uttanapadasana

Uttanapadasana is also called the raised leg pose since the legs end up raised during the final position of the exercise.

The muscles throughout the body get stretched from top to end due to the fact that the legs are properly lifted.

This exercise is traditionally used for stretching specific muscles in the body, such as those in the lower back, calves, thigh, and abdomen.

It also helps in healing the various digestive ailments by strengthening the muscles and the digestive system.

Traditional Steps

There are plenty of steps that should be followed when doing the Uttanapadasana posed, including:

  1. Lying flat on the ground on your back on a mat or the floor
  2. Keeping the knees tight and together
  3. Raising the hands over the head with both of the feet pointed upwards with the heels and toes touching.
  4. While inhaling lift your feet to an angle of 45 to 60 degrees from the floor
  5. Keep this pose and hold your breath for as long as possible
  6. Bring legs back to the floor when exhaling
  7. Do the same again, but bring the feet to a 60-degree angle off the floor
  8. Arch your back slightly on the floor with your chin tucked into the torso

If you want to see the most out of this exercise, then make sure to repeat it for at least 4 to 5 rounds.

Health Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy from doing the Uttanapadasana exercise on a regular basis, including:

  • Beneficial for those with diabetes
  • Relieves constipation
  • Strengthens the entire digestive system
  • Relieves pain and other problems with the buttocks, joint, hip and waist.
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Improves the circulation of the blood throughout the entire body
  • Helps to improve posture
  • Improves the functions of the reproductive system
  • Massages the numerous abdominal organs and helps to reduce fat in the thighs and waist
  • Relieves tension in the throat, neck and shoulders

Make sure that you are doing it properly to achieve the highest level of wellness and relaxation.

You should ensure that when you are doing the Uttanapadasana pose that you should follow all of the instructions and steps to prevent yourself from being injured.

You should also make sure that you are doing the proper breathing and that you are aware of the benefits that you would be able to see after doing the exercise on a regular basis.

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