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Picashow Review: Best App for Video Editing on Android

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Picashow lets you show off your videos and share them with your friends and the world. You can record or select from your photo library to create a video that showcases all of the fun moments in your life.

How To Use Picashow

Picashow is one of the best apps on Android for video editing because it’s easily accessible. You can launch the app and start editing in seconds. The interface of Picashow is clean and simple, with options to choose a template or create your own.

Video clips are clearly labeled and timelines are manageable. With this fantastic Picashow app, you don’t have to be a professional with experience using complicated software like Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos. There are many ways to use this app.

Use Template for Video Editing Easily

Picashow comes with predefined layouts for you to choose from. Some templates come with a background music and a few extra fonts; others are plain but elegant. This is the easiest way to use

Pros and Cons of Picashow

The main benefits is that it is free, simple to use, and offers special features like learning points, speech timing, and annotations. One con is the advertisements after every few videos you edit.

Picashow is a powerful animated video editor app that was designed to make it easier than ever before to create awesome, customized videos. It has over 40+ rich feature presets and hundreds of photos and videos are available.

The in-app tutorial makes the creation process easy, which beginners will love. Advanced users will occasionally be confounded by the limited creative options and lack of finer control for post-processing their videos.

Alternative Applications Similar to Picashow

There are a ton of editing apps on the market and many different ones will have their own strengths. Other games think that Picashow has a more friendly interface for beginners to navigate. Sony Movie Studio is also worth mentioning because some people feel that it is easier to learn on due to its less cluttered design.

Public Opinion on Picashow

Unlike other video editing apps, Picashow is a free and straightforward app to use. The videos can be edited to be saved as an MP4 format or YouTube URL in only a few minutes. Picture quality is less than HD but still at least 480p and sound quality is video/mp3. This leads many to believe Picashow is the best app for video editing on Android, simply because of its ease in use and features that are available.

Features of Picashow For Android

Picashow offers many features that mobile versions of the app can’t match. For example, you can customize your post to include captions, emojis, stickers, and memes. They also have in-app editing tools for quickly tweaking a photo before delving into the more complex editing. Encoding options are comprehensive and allow you to save both a low-resolution clip as well as one in 1080 HD quality. Size and file size? They’ve got you covered there, too.

It is designed to provide users with a powerful media center on any Android device. Its features include the ability to stream paid video content, as well as download or watch on-site. Explore app features by downloading it for free from their website, installing on your mobile device, or from the Google Play store.

Picashow allows you to download videos if you have no internet connection. The user-friendly interface and well organized content make Picashow an excellent choice for movie watchers of all ages. And now Picashow is compatible with all types of Android devices.


If you are looking for eco-friendly green technology in the online video editing industry, Picashow is the leading edge company to help you get step-up in business.


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