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Peermade – Popular Hill Station

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About Peermade

Located in the Idukki district of the south Indian state of Kerala, Peermade is a small but popular hill station of the country located on the Western Ghats Ranges, at a distance of around 85 KMs from Kottayam.

It stands at a height of around 915 meters above sea level. The main languages spoken here include the official language of the state of Kerala that is Malayalam, and then English.

Tamil too is a popular language here as the majority of the population here comprises of people who are native speakers of the language.

The scenic beauty and tranquil ambiance of Peermade have often been discussed by travel bloggers and many authors. The hill station is known for its picturesque waterfalls, pine forests, as well as the wonderful open grasslands that totally make it nature’s paradise.

It is often said that the name of the place Peermade, was coined in reference to the popular Sufi saint Peer Mohammad, in subsequence with the meaning, that is “the hill of the Peer.”

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The vegetation in the area is very rich and Peermade is quite famous for its variety of plantations of spices and other crops. The main attraction here, when it comes to this are coffee plantations, plantations of cardamom, coconuts, as well as tea. Since the year 2006, farmers at Peermade have been more focused on growing organic plantations of clove, black pepper, ginger, white pepper, nutmeg, mace, turmeric, and popular organic herbs like sage, thyme, rosemary, as well as oregamo.

Other than the scenic beauty and much obvious serenity of the hill station, Peermade also has a popular wildlife sanctuary at a distance of only 43 KMs, which is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary—that happens to be one of the largest wildlife reserves in the whole country of India.

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