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Norstrat Consulting-Building on the Canadian Northern Strategy

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Norstrat Introduction and History:

For The Express purpose to help customers with legal or Business objectives Norstrat consultant has been formed and Canadian Northern Strategy is implemented. Lee Carson in 1988 is operated and owned this Consulting and is the main consultant with the department of National resources of Canada. Northern Strategy is multi-disciplinary. In 2010 super Broad and to meet your needs they partnered with other experts. As a result, Mr. Carson Partnered with pacific Inc. (PRI) in Berkeley, Research institute California. The Main Purpose of consulting is to partner with the forefront businesses of the Information Age and to Aid them in Development and design. On advertising, exhibition, government initiatives, and exhibition exchanges Norstrat is a leading consulting firm. It is established by a Gathering of Government Workers and former Canadian armed force personnel. Norstrat helped the World’s leading Brand and association to come into shape. As a result, they believed that their efforts will help their customers by higher-earning in their businesses. Creating Innovative and New telecommunications technologies involved many Canadian firms as a research foundation part.

The Remarkable accomplishments of Norstrat have governed him in Many Accolades, including the British Empire (OTOE) from the age of Queen Elizabeth 2nd for Telecommunications industry contribution. They were demanded to create some business cases and technical data to provide their clients’ system providing an advantage. They were previously worked for government agencies and were familiar with the procedures and processes involved in federal assistance applying. In short, Northern strategy is Canada’s most ambitious, important, and exciting program opportunity of the 21st century.

Norstrat Support For project Management:

  • Norstrat Consultancy incorporation Provides the Best service and advice to their clients;
  • A-List of Services provided by the consulting firm is given;
  • Business Development process training is provided.
  • The Procurement Plan is defined.
  • Helping in management and capture of bids.
  • Help in Project Defining
  • In topic, matter provides pieces of evidences.
  • Operational requirement’s Determination.
  • Memorandums cabinets.

Facts about Norstrat:

  • Norstrat headquarters are situated in Canada. This company has less than twenty-five employ and a revenue less than five million.
  • This company use the following technologies;
  • Google Font API
  • JQuery Migrate
  • org
  • Godaddy DNS etc.
  • Oil companies were allowed to find gas deposits and Potential oil under the ocean floor and the system was developed by Norstrat Company.
  • Satellite images were relied on  and underwater search systems were also developed by Norstrat at that time.
  • Many private-sector military productions are currently paying commission to this Norstrat.
  • Best Package offers are being offered by Norstrat to meet your demands and needs in time.
  • Norstrat has become an important infrastructure for public health officials.
  • Mr. Carason founder of Norstrat consultant remains Canada’s defense community and aerospace long-time respected member.
  • Companies and organizations were helped to get their things done on time. They became experts in their field with the help of a think tank.

Norstrat Clients:

  • Canada’s Northern Strategy provides industry and government clients to be an element. Below-listed clients who can get services are;
  • Maccdonald Dettwiller
  • NorthWestel (through H+K)
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • L-3 Ocean systems
  • Calian (through H+K)
  • L-3 Maripro
  • L-3 MAS (through H+K)
  • Kraken Sonar Systems
  • Saab Technologies Canada (Through H+K)
  • Northrop Grumman (Through H+K)
  • Deliotte
  • Babcock (through H+K)
  • Astrium SAS
  • Aker Solutions
  • Canadian Space Agency (Through H+K)
  • Cassidian
  • Canadian Light Source ( through H+K )
  • General Dynamics Canada
  • Aerospace Review
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Hill +K nowlton Canada
  • Aims of Norstrat:
  • Promotional support
  • Norstrat shirts and polos were used by employees.
  • Security team access at Norstrat incorporation is given.
  • Law enforcement institutions and Canada’s best military students of nor Strat interns.
  • corporate image
  • To promote your company or group, in Northern strategy community distinct identity is used.
  • Business cards, letterhead, and brouchers are inclusions of Norstrat Marketing products.

Services of Norstrat:

  • In Government Canada designed out by Mr. Carson captured in 200M.
  • Provide Strategic business development training.
  • Risk management.
  • Project management support is provided.
  • Strategic project planning.
  • Change management
  • Memoranda to Cabinet.
  • Procurement Strategy Definition
  • Capture and bid management support provided.
  • Subject matter expertise is provided.
  • Strategic advice is provided on your northern strategy plan.
  • Definition of procurement strategy.

Special Training Given by Norstrat:

  • Norstrat operations ensured to Norstrat guidelines. Following programs established for its commitment;
  • Financial, skilled business, physical security, professionals get customized training from Norstrat.
  • Norstrat has a dedicated relationship are dedicated and will work for their partners and resolve the issue.
  • Incorporated, physical security and financial have exclusive savings which are not available in the retail Market.

Norstrat competitors:

Recently, there are no Norstrat competitors are noted. So there is nothing to worry about this aspect.

The Mission of Norstrat:

  • In 1885 bold and challenging federal infrastructure project is completed and joined the Young country of east to west Canada.
  • Now time to join the country from South to North.
  • Putting the clients into the next picture is the recent aim of Norstrat.
  • Recently Mission is not rail rolled and for protection and development, a comprehensive suite of infrastructure projects is essential.


The Main focus of Norstrat is the main infrastructure actions and projects of the Canadian federal government. Norstrat is formed from a group of bureaucrat’s business leaders and former military personnel. They made an important step to help their clients with planning and strategy. in the end these are all important things you have to know about Norstrat.

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