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Navegaon National Park

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About Navegaon National Park

The Navegaon National Park is arranged in the area of Navegaon, Maharashtra, by a separation of about 150 km from Nagpur city.

It is a standout amongst the most common woodlands of the Vidarbha area of the state and was recognized in the eighteenth time.

Sprawling above a region of about 135 sq km, the flora and fauna park incorporates a deer park, a birdcage, 3 designed parks, and Dr. Salim Ali Bird preserve.

Rolling over the Navegaon Nature Park has the flawless Navegaon River that streams with mineral pure water.

An arrangement of flowing tracks leads one to the waterway, which expanses above a region of someplace about 11 sq km.

A lookout turret is additionally inside of the nature park, from where one can catch tremendous sights of the whole area.

The perfect time to stop over Navegaon National Park is during that time of April and May. For a bird watcher, it is suitable to come here during that time from October to June.

All through this time, Navegaon River stays through massive herds of voyaging ducks, which seem to come around with their flashy noises.

However, the fledgling reserve on the national park is homegrown to an additional half of the fowl classes found in Maharashtra.

The greenery here is essentially of the Southern variegated parched deciduous structure, including teak, haldu, jamun, kewat, mahua, ain, and bhel & bhor trees.

However, Navegaon is well identified as a birdie reserve; some of the wild creatures may be located as well.

Tigers, panthers, bisons, sambars, nilgais, chital, wild hogs, sloth bears, and wild dogs are central natural life sorts in the recreation centre.

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