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National Sports Day of India (29th of August)

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About National Sports Day of India

Every country has its own observance of National Sports Day, and in India, the National Sports Day is observed every year on the 29th of August.

The reason it was this particular day that was chosen to be observed as National Sports Day in the country is the fact that it happens to be the birthday of Dhyan Chand, who was a renowned hockey player from India who managed to win gold medals in Olympics for India, for three years, which were: 1928, 1932, and 1936 respectively.

Hockey happens to be the national sport of India, and this on the National Sports Day of the country, a list of friendly matches is organized between various Indian hockey teams, and all of this takes place at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium, named after Dhyan Chand himself, located in the capital city of New Delhi in India.

Dhyan Chand was born in the year 1905 and even today is considered to be one of the best field hockey players of all time. During his tenure as an Indian hockey player, India was considered to be one of the topmost dominating countries in the field of hockey.

Other than being known for his three gold medals in the Olympics for India, Dhyan Chand was also popular for his goal-scoring feats. In the sports world, he was also known as ‘’The Wizard’’ for his phenomenal ball control.

He had scored over 400 goals during the tenure of his international Hockey career and the final international Hockey tournament that he played was in the year 1948, a year after India attained its independence from the British rule.

In the year 1956, the government of India honoured Dhyan Chand with the Padma Bhushan Award, which as of today happens to be the third-highest civilian honour in India, but at that time used to be the second-highest. He passed away at the age of 74, on the 3rd of December in the year 1979.


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