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Nanded Sahib – Popular Sikh Pilgrimage

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About Nanded Sahib

Located in the western state of Maharashtra in India, Nanded Sahib is a popular Sikh pilgrimage spot, and has immense significance in history, since this is the place that houses the Sach Khand Huzur Sahib Gurudwara, the spot where the ashes of Guru Gobind Singh were buried.

When it comes to religious essence and pilgrim significance, Nand Sahib happens to be one among the five takhts of Sikhism and hence, holds utmost importance among the Sikhs. The city of Nanded located on the banks of the Godavari River has great significance not just for the Sikhs, but also for the Hindus, since apart from housing the Sikh structures, it also consists of a large number of temples, devoted to Lord Shiva, thus, devotees in huge numbers visit the place every year to pay their homage.

Other than the ashes of Guru Gobind Singh, many of his prominent Sikh relics are also preserved in this pilgrim place. Since the city is accessible throughout all seasons, it attracts major tourist attention from all over the country throughout the entire year.

Right before the completion of 300 years of the main construction of the Gurudwara, a huge structure called the Yatri Niwas was built near the gurudwara in order to establish accommodations for devotees who come all the way to pay their respect to the late gurus.

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