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Mrugavani National Park

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About Mrugavani National Park

The national park named Mrugavani National Park is Hyderabad’s national park. It is arranged in Moinabad mandal at Chilkur at a separation of 25 kms far from Hyderabad and is spread over a zone of 9.1 square kilometers which is 3.5 sq miles.

It has numerous sorts of the plant which add up to around 600 plants. The creatures which are found here are timberland feline, Indian bunny, civet, Russell’s snake, Indian rodent snake, bloom pecker and cheetah.

The recreation center is arranged at 17°21’27.79″N 78°20’26.91″E and is adjacent to the Police Academy of Andhra Pradesh which is close-by to Hyderabad in Moinabad Mandal city zone is 3.60 square kilometer.

The national park’s geology which is undulating has exposures which are rough of the development trap of Deccan and the tropical dry vegetation which is dry timberland and deciduous and is of nature which is corrupted and is scattered with fields and forests.

More than 600 types of the area including bushes, herbs, climbers & trees like rosewood, neem, teak, bamboo, sandalwood and so on are found in this spot.

The fauna’s that are found there are jackals, porcupines, foxes, and wild hog, forest cat, black nape hare, mongoose, civet cat, spotted deer or cheetah and so forth and a wide range of sort of reptiles which incorporates snakes, rat snakes, monitor lizard, and pythons and so forth.

Types of fowls the same number of as more than 100 are found in this park which incorporates quails, peacocks, warblers, partridges, flowerpeckers, ducks, partridges, curlews, and lapwing

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