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Mandher Devi Temple – A Popular Hindu Pilgrim Place

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About Mandher Devi Temple

Located in Wai, in the Satara District of the Indian state of Maharashtra, the Mandher Devi Kalubai temple is a popular Hindu pilgrim place, known for its miraculous essence, wherein devotees have averred their devoted worship for the goddess to have returned happiness and prosperity, granting what they vouched for.

The temple is surrounded by a picturesque ambiance overlooking the Purandar Fort, and stands at a tall height of 4,650 feet above sea level.

Although there is no definite and authentic date or time of the temple’s construction, the local people assert that the structure was established during popular king and warrior Shivaji’s rule in the reign of the Marathas.

Every year in the month of January, there’s a 10 days long pilgrimage is conducted in the temple trail, in which more than 3,00,000 devotees participate from all over the country.

The main focus of the event in these 10 days is a 24 hours festival that takes place in the middle, wherein animal sacrifices take place as a sign to commemorate the goddess’ achievements when she killed many demons. The goddess as a token of love is offered sweets and curd rice by all the devotees and the priests conducting the event.

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