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LocalOye – Booking Services Company

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About LocalOye

The LocalOye is a renowned agency that offers quality venue booking services for different kinds of events. Whether it is a marriage ceremony or a funeral event LocalOye finds out the standard venue perfect for your event.

Customers often find it difficult to communicate with the venue owners while booking for the respective dates. And that is why LocalOye is here to complete the whole booking procedure on behalf of you.

If you are planning to throw a corporate party or a casual event you are advised to contact LocalOye for a jaw-dropping party venue in the country.

For booking all you need to do is just mark your dates and ask the LocalOye team to book you a suitable venue for your evening according to the number of invitees. 


The story ‘behind the scenes’ of LocalOye is a bit different and interesting. A young bachelor AnupamTulsyan was looking for a perfect venue for throwing a bachelor party with Aditya Rao helping him.

But they end up having a massacre with multiple phone calls, confusing pricing parameters, lack of negotiation and a lot more.

But after that, both of them realize this as a common passion and this was what brought them to work together. They end up with I’mma, which became LoalOye later! 

List of Directors

  • Aditya Rao: Aditya Rao did his graduation from BITS Pilani and then worked with Mercedes Company. After 4 years of having the irregular working life, he left Jombay, patch up with his friend Anupam Tulsyan and started LocalOye.
  • Anupamtulsyan: This young man was looking for a perfect venue for throwing a party and during the procedure, he met Aditya. Both of them form a team and create LocalOye.


LocalOye has raised a funding of $5 million series from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Tiger Global Management.


Are you planning to throw a bachelor party? Is it your wedding? Did you just lost your near one and looking for space for the funeral? If yes then LocalOye is a place where you must knock first. This is a company that books apt venues for your events.

In today’s world, most of the people are busy and thus it is not possible to visit all the desired venues in the city and to then proceed for farther communications. And this is why you need a reliable agency that will do the booking procedure on behalf of you.

If you are planning some event immediately contact LocalOye for quality venues.


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