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International Olympic Day (23rd June)

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About International Olympic Day

The International Olympic Day is celebrated every year on the 23rd of June. The main objective of this day is much beyond simply treating Olympics as a sport, as it encourages people to be active, to gain knowledge about the values of Olympic games and how it helps bind nations together as people learn more about physical fitness, sports, and a healthy lifestyle.

Last year in 2016, the International Olympic Day saw the active participation of over 160 sports organizations who came together to depict an exceptional series of events related to Olympic sports and also motivated the masses to lead a healthy, active life and learn about the values of Olympic values.

The origin of the International Olympic Day dates back to the year 1948 when the beginning of the Modern Olympic Games was commemorated, of the year 1894 on the 23rd of June in Sorbonne, Paris. This is exactly why the same date the 23rd of June was chosen to be celebrated as International Olympic Day.

The three main aspects of the International Olympic Day, which are often treated as a motto, are: Discover, learn, and move, which pretty much sums up the main objective of this day.

The National Olympic Committees implement these three aspects in all cultural, sports, as well as educational activities to promote the essence of Olympics among the youth of today, who will be our future.

Every country has talented individuals who are capable of having a career in Olympics and this day ensures that such people get an opportunity to realize their potential, their talent, and shape up their vision to think of pursuing Olympics, not just as a sport but a part of their daily lives, to have an active and healthy lifestyle, and other people must also take inspiration from the same.

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