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Indravati National Park

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About Indravati National Park

Indravati National Park is the finest and most popular natural life park in Chhattisgarh.

Additionally the main Tiger Reserve in the state, Indravati National Park is situated in the Dantewada region of Chhattisgarh.

The Park gets its name from the Indravati River, which spills out of the east to west and structures the northern limit of the store with the Indian state of Maharashtra.

With an aggregate zone of giving or take 2799.08 sq km, Indravati accomplished the status of a National Park in 1981 and a Tiger Reserve in 1983 under the well known Project Tiger of India to turn into a standout amongst the most acclaimed tiger stores of India.

The Park’s geology, for the most part, includes undulating bumpy landscapes with elevation running between 177 to 599 m over the ocean level.

The Park is well known for its one of a kind and different natural life and fledgling species including the absolute most endangered species, for example, wild buffalos and hill mynas.

A progression of excellent slope ranges with lavish green vegetation and one of a kind and shifted untamed life make Indravati National Park an absolute necessity visit for untamed life devotees and nature partners.

The greenery in the Indravati National Park predominantly includes tropical sodden and dry deciduous sort with the power of the sal, teak and bamboo trees.

There are additionally rich patches of fabulous meadows giving tremendously obliged grain to wild bison, chital, barking deer, nilgai, gaurs and different herbivores of the recreation center.

The most ordinarily discovered trees in the recreation center are teak, lendia, salai, mahua, tendu, semal, haldu, ber, and Jamun.

The Park likewise offers sanctuary to the substantial varieties of fowls of which hill maina is the most vital species here. The best season to visit the Park is from fifteenth December to fifteenth June.

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