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5 fashion rules that you need to break immediately

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Many of us fashion aspirants talk religiously about breaking fashion stereotypes but when it comes to actually turning that into a living reality, we hesitate thinking of some so-called fashion rules that were established ages ago. Well, things change and so do rules as these rules aren’t and mustn’t be as stringent as the northern star.

So on that note, here are five fashion rules that you need to break immediately if you want to create a brand new style statement of your own—

Fashion Tips

  1. You need a tall and lean figure to wear long dresses and jumpsuits

Na-uh, that’s not true. Yes, your height does matter when it comes to enhancing your overall look but that doesn’t mean you have to give away your heart’s desire of wearing jumpsuits or long dresses just because you don’t have that model height of 5’9! With the right fitting, everything is bound to suit you. Just dress your age and get a perfect fit tailored for you.

  1. Navy blue and black don’t go together

Another misconception that people have been nurturing since medieval periods! It’s the 21st century and things changed (for the best in fashion for sure!). We do agree that both being dark colors earlier didn’t quite seem to be “the thing” but now with a truckload of accessories and styling that women love to experiment with, you can carry a navy blue and black combination and still be a diva!

  1. Don’t wear stockings with open-toe footwear

No way! You don’t need to limit those sexy stockings only to your ballerinas or pumps. You can always pair them up with your open-toed footwear and let the chic element do the fashion talking for onlookers.

  1. Sequins are meant to be worn only at nights

It’s time to break this stereotype as with the variety of colors you can now adorn sequin dresses elegantly even during daylight hours. You just have to ensure that the sparkling bits don’t take the whole of the dress and are limited to one section, keeping the rest of the section plain and simple.

  1. Your bag should match the color of your shoes

Now, this is the most unjustified one! No offense to ladies who actually take a lot of time in ensuring that the bag-shoe match up does happen, but it is completely at your discretion whether you like it and want to carry it that way. The two can be of different colors and trust me no fashion police would arrest you for that!

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