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Indian Air Force Day (8th of October)

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About Indian Air Force Day

The Indian Air Force is the ‘’vaayu sena’’ (air arm) of the Indian Armed Forces. The main objective of the Indian Air Force is to conduct aerial warfare and secure Indian airspace if ever an armed conflict arises.

It was established way back in the year 1932 on the 8th of October, and ever since then every year on the 8th of October, the nation observed, Indian Air Force Day. This year in 2017, India will observe its 85th Air Force Day.

Back in 1932, the Indian Air Force was set up as an auxiliary air force, which was a part of the British Empire, honoring the aviation service in India since the time of Second World War, and had the prefix ‘’Royal’’ etched to it.

Even after  India’s independence from the British rule on the 15th of August 1947, the term Royal Indian Air Force was kept under the name of the Dominion of India, however, in the year 1950, as the government of India transitioned into a republic, ‘’Royal’’ was removed from the prefix of the Indian Air Force albeit after three years.

On this day, grand celebrations take place in all air stations in the country. The event begins with a parade, known as the Air Force Parade, and this is conducted by all air forces in India at their airbases.

A band plays throughout the parade, and the parade mainly consists of four squadrons that have two flights each and commanded by a wing commander. As soon as the parade marches on the ground, everyone stands up to honor them and all the uniformed air personnel salute the parade.

After this, a lieutenant carries the Nishan toli to the middle of the parade ground. The Nishan toli is a flag of honor, representing the valor, bravery, commitment, integrity, mission, as well as the excellence of the Indian Air Force.

The flag was first presented in the year 1954 on the 1st of April by India’s first president Late Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and ever since then every year it is used during the Indian Air Force Parade and hoisted in many more important national occasions.

Many aircrafts and helicopters, which have been deployed for missions too are exhibited on the Indian Air Force Day.

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