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How much can an AI engineer earn in different countries?

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In today’s fast-paced world, technology has completely altered how people and organizations get their jobs done. Increased demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) professionals opens great opportunities in many industries.

By 2025, AI will earn $190 billion. Jobs for AI experts are in high demand because of the financial rewards they provide.

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Find out what you’re worth as an artificial intelligence engineer by reading this complete salary guide categorized by region.

Overview of AI Engineer salary

Artificial intelligence engineering offers the highest compensation and most exciting work in any field globally. Why? It is currently more important in top emerging countries to lead organizations to any industry level with AI approaches.

Tech companies have emphasized finding AI engineering candidates familiar with cutting-edge tools and methods.

Glassdoor estimates the global mean salary to be $100,121. AI engineer pay ranges from $70,000 to $149,000, with $149,000 being the highest.

Let’s look at the average salary for an AI engineer in the world’s leading economies, as reported by reputable web resources here.

AI Engineer salary – By Country

The pay packages alter due to the tech market, currency, employment rate, and tax.

  1. India

  • As experience increases, AI salaries in India rise: candidates with 2-4 years of experience can expect a median salary package of INR 15-20 lacs (equal to $22,000–29,000), 4–8 years can expect 20–50 lacs (equivalent to $29,000–73,000), and 8–15 years can expect 50–1 crore (equal to $73,000–147,000).
  • AI and machine learning development is vast in the Mumbai/Pune belt, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore.
  • Indian candidates with 2–4 years of experience can quickly get $22,000–29,000. However, those with 4–8 years of experience can earn $29,000–73,000. Skills-based pay ranges from $73,000 to $147,000.
  1. US

  • With a 70% AI skill gap, the US plans to invest $1 billion in AI talent from everywhere. Leading corporations have 10,000 AI expert posts.
  • Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel, Facebook, and others welcome all US talent. US corporations will pay AI developers and experts above $110,000 per year. The US field is positive since employers can negotiate compensation for the right individual.
  • New technology emerges daily. Thus, the AI market is unlikely to decline. AI professionals prefer to work in the US.
  • The Country is actively recruiting AI talent for entry-level to senior-level employment. AI-trained workers can earn $314,000 annually as AI engineers in the US.
  • 2,50,000 data science jobs are expected by 2024.
  • GE, Intel, Uber, Samsung, IBM, Wells Fargo, and other prominent US recruiters seek AI and machine learning talent. AI and machine learning salaries are highest in New York City (NYC), Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, DC.
  • Glassdoor reports that US AI engineers earn $119,297 annually.
  • The average US salary for a Lead Artificial Intelligence Engineer is $164,014, but the range is usually $151,909 to $183,173.
  • US AI developers earn $11,878 per year.
  • According to Indeed, the average US artificial intelligence engineer earns $132,807.
  • San Francisco has the highest average salary at $139k per year, while Los Angeles has the lowest at $95k.
  1. Canada

  • Canada is leading AI development and science and expects to invest in AI policy, legal consequences, and framework.
  • Indeed, it claims a 1,069% growth in Canadian AI jobs since 2013.
  • AI specialists in Canada make between $70,000 and $90,000. Specialists with excellent skills and years of experience might make $130,000 or more annually.
  • Senior AI professionals in Canada receive competitive salaries.
  • IBM, Scotiabank, Amazon, Capital One, the Royal Bank of Canada, and others are hiring AI specialists in Canada.
  1. Australia

  • Australian AI employment is rising rapidly, according to Indeed.
  • AI will shape its future. Since 2012, AI engineer positions have increased in this economy.
  • From 2018 onward, its associated roles increased by 50%.
  • AI engineers in Australia earn an average of $111,021 per year.
  1. Europe

  • London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Stockholm are among the major European cities that need AI-skilled workers.
  • Europe’s most in-demand jobs are AI and deep learning, robotics, cloud security, game development, and blockchain.
  • The only EU nation to implement AI is Finland. EU digital enterprises are gradually seeking government backing and a legal framework to deploy such soaring innovations and technology in town.
  • EU countries have a significant skills gap, forcing corporations to acquire AI professionals outside Europe.
  • AI engineers in Europe make an average of €31,218–€105,059.
  1. Germany

  • Germany will need 3 million AI specialists by 2030.
  • 4 out of 5 German companies claim they need help finding AI personnel, which prevents them from promoting new machinery and innovation.
  • Germany seeks global talent to fill its talent gap because young Germans want to work elsewhere.
  • German AI engineers make between €59,360 and €105,194.
  1. UK

  • The UK’s demand for AI talent has tripled in the previous three years, outpacing top nations like the US, Australia, and Canada.
  • AI job postings in the UK are 20% higher than in the US and 50% higher than in Canada, at 1300 per million.
  • The listed AI jobs paid an average of £60,000 a year, with 10% of the top positions paying £105,500.
  • Compared to other countries, there are 1300 AI-specific jobs per million. The average UK payscale is £60,000. Top hiring firms pay £105,500 annually.
  • Additionally, corporations will pay the desired compensation to the correct candidate. The UK’s AI job market is competitive and one of AI professionals’ top choices.

Wrap up

AI has changed the world. As AI and machine learning dominate the future, AI salaries will rise.

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