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How a Fundraiser Can Help You Build Ties with Your Community?


Organizing a fundraiser might seem like something that requires significantly more effort than it actually does. And when it comes to integrating yourself into your community and building strong ties with people around you, few things come close. If you want to challenge yourself a little and go out of your comfort zone, organizing a charity event is one of the best ways to go about that.

There’s Always a Cause Worth Pursuing

It starts with a cause, and there is never a shortage of those around you. All you need to do is take a look and you’ll quickly find multiple opportunities worth pursuing. Some of those might extend a bit beyond your local area, but that’s fine—as long as they still revolve around your community in some way. Try focusing on your immediate surroundings as much as possible though. While expanding your search circle will point you to many additional opportunities, it will also dilute the point of the experience a little bit— and that’s getting to know the people in your community and setting up something for all of them.

Make Things Fun for Everyone

A fundraiser doesn’t have to be a boring event. After all, getting people together and rallying them around a common cause is one of the main points of the whole thing. That said, try to think of everyone involved – who’s to say that kids can’t have fun at an event like that too? It actually takes very little to keep them entertained. Set up a rented carnival slide or another entertaining activity, a few booths with snacks and drinks, and you’re pretty much all set. This will also have the bonus of enticing more people to come because they won’t have to make special babysitting arrangements.

Engage People as Much as Possible

And while having fun and raising some money is the focus, don’t forget why you’re doing this in the first place: to build some strong ties. So, get out there and start engaging everyone around you as much as you can. Talk to people, find out why they’re here in the first place, see if there’s anything you could have done to make this event even better and more memorable. You never know, you might find yourself wanting to throw something similar next year, and it would definitely help if you took some time to research ways you could have made it more special.

As a final note, try to switch things up from year to year if this becomes a regular thing for you. The statement from above is still valid—there are always plenty of causes that deserve your help and attention, and you should try to spread it as evenly as possible between the things you care about. When in doubt, reach out to members of your community, as they will likely already have some ideas about things that could use an improvement around them, or even just a little bit of extra attention if nothing else.

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