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Women’s Equality Day – 26th of August

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About Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is observed on the 26th of August every year. It came into being from the year 1920, which was the year women were first granted the right to vote by the President of the United States of America.

And ever since then, the day has been observed annually, every year on August 26. Earlier, women were treated as second class citizens and were refrained from voting, be it in legal matters or institutional, while the male citizens of the country continued to enjoy voting privileges in all leases of life.

Thus, it was in 1920 on the 26th of August that the 19th amendment of the United States Constitution was finally certified as a law, despite its first introduction having taken place in the year 1878, way earlier than 1920.

It was from the year 1972 however, that every president started publishing proclamations for a Women’s Equality Day, and thus, the resolution for observing the 26th of August as Women’s Equality Day was finally passed.

While the year 1920 and the date of August 26 marks the day when for the first time, women from America were granted the privilege to vote, it was the same date in the year 1970 that a nationwide demonstration for women’s rights finally took place, bringing in a welcome and much-needed change in women empowerment.


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