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Gunners Day of India (28th of September)

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About Gunners Day of India

India observes Gunners Day every year on the 28th of September. This year, the Indian Artillery will be celebrating its 190th Gunners Day. The day has a vital significance in the history of the Regiment of Artillery.

It began from the year 1827, when for the first Indian Artillery Unit, 5 (Bombay) Mountain Battery was equipped with around 2.5-inch RML gun, which was raised on the 28th of September.

From then there was no looking back as the Regiment repeatedly and religiously proved its stronghold during all the operations from 1947 to 1948, 1962, 1965, 1971, as well as 1999.

Adding to that, from the mid-1980s, all gunners have been fighting will endless spirit, shoulder to shoulder with the infantry in all the counter-insurgency operations, namely in, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, as well as all the North-Eastern states in India.

As of today, the Indian Artillery has been constantly modernizing itself, decking itself with the acquisition of 155 mm caliber gun systems in a list of three versions, which are, air portable, towed, as well as self-propelled variants.

The overall strength of the battle field transparency too has been enhanced with the inclusion of long range weapons, surveillance radars, as well as a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles.

At present, the latest upgrade in the armory is a missile, which is of supersonic land cruising nature. It has a splendid capacity of destructing all pin point targets, which are located quite deep inside any enemy territories.

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