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World Heart Day (29th of September)

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About World Heart Day

Every year, on the 29th of September, World Heart Day is observed. It is an initiative of the World Heart Federation, which strives to promote awareness and unity to fight against heart diseases worldwide.

Every year, there are more and more deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. World Heart Federation aims at reducing that number by educating more and more people about the facts associated with cardiovascular health and how one can reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, through information, lifestyle, and so much more.

As on today, the World Health Federation holds an objective of leading members and nations to have a strong fight against cardiovascular ailments and have a 25% reduction in the number of premature deaths caused in the entire world due to cardiovascular diseases by the year 2025.

Hence, the purpose of the World Heart Day is to promote awareness among the masses on how to battle against heart diseases, how to ascertain good cardiovascular health, and how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.

Many government and non-governmental organizations organize a variety of events, such as, concerts, public talks, workshops, fun runs, etc. to spread awareness of cardiovascular health among people. In over 100 countries, the World Heart Federation organizes programme, like—

  • Health checks
  • Science forums and public talks
  • Sports events, such as, runs, marathons, fitness sessions, etc.
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts as well as stage shows


For all these events, the World Health Federation is in direct collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the directing and coordinating authority for the health of the United Nations (UN).

As on today, cardiovascular diseases happen to be the number one factor causing premature deaths worldwide, and this could be due to a number of factors including but not limited to high blood pressure, obesity, raised glucose and cholesterol levels, smoking, unbalanced diet, etc.

Thus, the aim of World Heart Day is to make people aware of what is right and what is wrong for their heart health and how they can minimize the risks of developing cardiovascular disease.


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