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Fashion With a Cause—Alia Bhatt on Her Ecological Initiative ‘CoExist’

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Cute and bubbly actress Alia Bhatt who has given a list of hit movies in Bollywood is now busy shooting for Meghana Gulzar’s film ‘Raazi’ in Patiala. In her words, although the shoot is quite challenging, she is still enjoying every bit of it and finds Patiala to be a lovely place to be in.

When asked about her latest ecological initiative called CoExist, which is currently executing a denim donation drive across 20 cities in India, including major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chandigarh, etc. she said that she had always wanted to mix fashion with a good cause and this is a great platform to implement the same.

The idea behind the denim donation drive according to Alia is doing something kind for animals. According to her, denims are something, which all of us can relate to as we all wear them and after a point either they don’t fit us or we get new ones. So, she says, instead of letting the old denims stay idle in the closet or throwing them away, donate them, so that they can be used to make dog collars.

With one pair of denim, around three to four dog collars can be made, and it can actually be a life saver for a dog! Motopaws’ campaign has already collared about 8000 dogs and Alia Says, with the Denim Donation Drive, imagine how many dogs can have a collar all over India?

Well, we must say Alia, that’s really thoughtful of you and we commend you for this kind and heartwarming initiative and hope it turns out to be great!


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