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Effective Tips To Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

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Have you often found your little one clinging to you whenever you try to introduce her to some guests at the house or at a party? Do you often find her retiring to a corner whenever you say it’s time for school? Does she prefer staying away from other kids her age and instead like tugging to you all the time?

Well, if all these instances seem relatable to your child, then it can be said that your little one is a shy child. And although there’s nothing abnormal about it, you need to start from now if you want her to become more social and gain some confidence.

Here are some quick effective tips to help your child overcome shyness—

Tips To Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

  1. Don’t tag your child a ‘’shy kid’’

As pointed above, there’s nothing abnormal about being shy, since even as adults, we can be either introverts or extroverts and hence, you need to treat this scenario as normally as possible.

Tagging your child as a ‘’shy kid’’ will only make her feel all the more different from kids her age and she will retreat further into her shell. So, treat her normally and never tag her as shy.

  1. Address her stranger anxiety issues

Many kids feel anxious around strangers, so don’t get angry if your child always wants to escape from situations where you want her to meet a stranger. Instead, try to incorporate in her the normalcy of meeting new people and maintaining a smile on your face.

The guests in your house too should take it easy and try to initiate a polite conversation with your kid so that she doesn’t feel scared.

  1. Talk to your child

Always appreciate even the smallest things that your child does, as this will boost her confidence massively. And once her confidence starts building, she will become more comfortable about herself around others.

So, talk to her as much as possible, make her feel that she’s important to you and everyone else, and also that she makes you proud every day.

  1. Outdoor play is a good option

Taking your little one to the nearest park where she can see other kids playing is a good way of boosting her social skills as the more she watches the comfort and social skills of other kids her age, the more she will try to adapt to the same.

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