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Do Ideas like ‘Womanspreading’ Make People Uncomfortable?

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About Womanspreading

It has been observed that most people who are rooted in traditionalist or conservative views often find most modern trends to be extremely uncomfortable at its root stage or progressive stage.

The whole shift in the concept of now women demanding their rights, fighting for equal opportunities in sync with men, taking a stand for themselves—are subjects that don’t set in well for these people with a deep latch to conservatism.

And hence, even the concept of ‘’womanspreading’’ is causing a lot of bewilderment in these set of people.

Let’s first check out what is ‘’manspreading’’ before we come to ‘’womanspreading’’

Manspreading is a term mainly used to describe how men basically take up their space in public spaces, be it in the form of spreading out their limbs and sitting comfortably or being casual about whatever attire they are in.

It is like they are never really taught how they should conduct themselves in public places or in front of the opposite gender.

For women, however, the whole thing is different. Most females would agree on how they would often hear, ‘’Sit like a girl/woman,’’ ‘’Talk like a woman,’’ etc. from the early days of their life put together.

They are taught to keep themselves composed, have their limbs knit close to themselves, take as little space as possible while sitting in public places, and so much more. And the whole of it is sophistically termed as ‘’lady-like’’ behavior.

The #Womanspreading Trend


Many women don’t even realize or question the double standards of the society wherein something is completely in contrast for men and women. Refusing to fall under the shackled reigns of the conservative society, hundreds of women posted pictures by posing in a variety of unconventional ways, keeping their legs apart—which the conservative society would deem to be ‘’so un-lady-like!’’

The purpose of this was to create awareness and also reclaim the position that women deserve, which so far has been a privileged domain only for men in society.

However, this trend got quite an adverse reaction from the majority, wherein the Facebook page of Men’s Rights Activism (MRA) said that this trend was not a gender issue at all and instead was a matter of poor etiquette. Others too went on to deem this with typical adjectives like ‘’uncouth,’’ ‘’un-lady-like,’’ etc.

Why the negative reactions?


The reasons could be many, but fundamentally, it is the fact that people often run away from them saying, that change is the only constant!

Most people don’t like changes, and when they see things are different around them from what they used to be, something that they were habituated of, they simply refuse to accept it!

For most men, trends like these are the scraping of the privileges that they have enjoyed for so many years now, a battle of power struggle where they have always had an upper hand.

Being assertive, authoritative has always been a signature of men, but the same thing coming from a woman is often frowned upon.

Some of the harsh reactions to the #Womanspreading trend included words like ‘’She’s disgusting!’’ ‘’She’s ugly’’ and also, threats of rape!

What do you think are other reasons for the majority still refraining from accepting a changing trend for the empowerment of womankind? Do let us know in the comments below! Woman spreading

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