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Dakor – Grand Temple of Shree Ranchhodraij

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About Dakor

Located in the Kheda district of the Indian state of Gujarat, Dakor is a popular Hindu pilgrimage place, most popular for the grand temple of Shree Ranchhodraiji, an avatar and manifestation of Lord Krishna—one of the most popular deities in Hinduism.

Dakor is rich in not just religious aspects but also has a varied history, for, during its ancient days, it used to be a pilgrim spot, most famous for the devotees of Lord Shiva, as it housed the Danknath Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva. It was only during later years that with the growing popularity of Lord Ranchhodraiji, it fully transformed into a Vaishnavite center in the year 1772 AD.

As of today, it is not just a mere pilgrim spot but is also a widely known trading center, where all articles related to worshipping and rituals can be found.

It is so popular that each year, more than 80 lacs pilgrims visit Dakor, to pay their homage to the god and also explore their own spirituality. The present-day temple was built in 1772 AD, by Shri Gopalrao Jagannath Tambwekar and has 24 turrets, eight domes and has four gateways that pierce the outer walls of the main temple.

The place is bustling throughout the year, with festivals and rituals performed in full swing. One can truly enjoy popular Hindu festivals like Dusherra, Diwali, Janmashtami as well as Tulsi Vivah here to have a deeper insight into the religious aspects of this place.

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