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Ceat – Leading Tyre Manufacturing Companies

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About Ceat

Ceat is one of the leading tyre manufacturing companies in the world. It offers a large variety of tyres to different vehicles.

Vehicles such as heavy-duty buses, trucks, light tractors, earthmovers, regular commercial vehicles, cars, forklifts, bikes, scooters, and even an autorickshaw can get benefitted by CEAT manufacturers by quality tyres.

When it is about the safety quality tyres play the major role when you are driving on road. It improves your driving performance and gives you a better driving experience.

CEAT tyres possess quality grips that do not allow your car to skid. And thus these standard tyres lower your risks on road. CEAT is leading the race for years for providing high-quality tyres to their clients.


This very company was established as CEAT Tyres in Mumbai in collaboration with Tata group on 10th March in the year 1958. After that CEAT continue improving their service. In 1972 CEAT set up Research and Development unit at Bhandup.

Else different types of tasting machines were also installed in the laboratory. In the year 1960, Feb 22 the company rolled out their first tyre from their factory at Bhandup located in Mumbai.

List of directors

Since 1st April 2012, Mr.Anant Vardhan Goenka has been holding the post of Managing Director of CEAT. At RPG Enterprises, Mr. Anant Vardhan Goenka serves as a member of the management board.


In the year 1990, CEAT group provides 90, 00,000-14% secured debentures of Rs 100 and 4, 50,000 Debentures to the company employees.

In the year 1996, a new radical tyre named ‘Maestro’ was launched by CEAT group in India. In the year 2016 CEAT made a huge investment of Rs 2800 crore.


If you are looking for top-quality tyres then CEAT is the company you need to knock first. This renowned company provides a variety of tyres to their clients. CEAT has is leading the race for years due to quality production of tyres and reliability.

There are people who neglect the tyres of their cars and continue servicing their vehicles, which do not lower the risk. The tyre plays an important role while driving a car and thus one must not ignore the tyres.

If you are not using quality tyres there are chances that your vehicle may skid at high speed. CEAT tyres possess strong grips that make the tyre not to skid and to maintain a smooth relation with the road.

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