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Casual Sex—How It Can Affect Your Mental Health

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The changing dynamics of this generation, being exposed to multimedia, international shows like FRIENDS, Game of Thrones, and the availability of options has led majority of today’s youth to indulge in casual sex and it won’t be wrong to say, that the tendency of it often starts building from one’s teenage itself.

The reason why today’s youth is frequently indulging in casual sex can be categorized into three simple slots, the first of which is the fact that these days contraceptive options are available readily, and hence, one has to worry quite less about STDs and unwanted pregnancy compared to what they would years ago.

The second reason is the wide range of options available to people for people, wherein there are dating sites like Tinder that can constantly keep you networking with new people, who often want to indulge in casual flings and sex. And lastly, the adage of doing something just because everyone else is doing it.

Peer pressure can never really go off the blocks, and hence, most teenagers and young adults want to experiment with their new phase of life with independence, and thus, indulge in casual sex just because most of their friends are doing the same!

Coming back to the point, casual sex can have some long-lasting effects on one’s mental health and if we were to talk about the same, we can have the following pointers—

  1. It jeopardizes the faith one needs to have in true meaningful relationships

Indulging in casual sex makes one’s thinking often become one-directional, wherein they forget to see the line between true relationships and one night stands or flings.

This complicates the definition of sex for them and they begin to consider it as something that’s only a necessity rather than a physical and mental connection between two individuals.

  1. It becomes the first choice of an escapist

Just like some people when too stressed take refuge in gulping down glasses of alcohol since it wipes off the problem areas from their minds for a while, for the youth casual sex too acts as a mode of escapism, as it gives them temporary relief to whatever stress they are going through.

  1. It makes people emotionally vulnerable

The majority of people indulging in casual sex in later days find themselves to be in an extremely emotionally vulnerable situation, especially for girls, who often complain about feeling like being used after casual sex.

This can hamper with the people’s self-esteem and they often find themselves drowning in the guilt of acting so impulsive and belittling their own selves.

Hence, it is essential for every individual to draw a line between true relationships and casual hookups and never vilify sex in the first place.

Talking to close people, be it family or friends, about anything that’s bothering them is always a wiser choice than adhering to temporary relief givers like alcohol or casual sex.


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