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Breast Cancer Symptoms: Seen On Breast Imaging

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Breast cancer is one of the common malignancies afflicting women disease which originates from breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of lobules and the milk ducts that supply the ducts with milk.

However, this cancer begins in a cell, which multiplies and divides at an uncontrolled rate.

There are several types of breast cancer, but the common types are ductal carcinoma and lobular carcinoma both are occurring in about eight percent of the cases.

Now let us know the symptoms of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Change in nipple and breast feel

Sometimes a patient experience tenderness of nipple or thickening near the breast or underarms and even a lump or without any specific reason can be marked as Breast cancer.

Change in the appearance of nipple or breast

This means that there is a sudden change in the shape or the size of the breast or a nipple of a woman.

The nipple may appear red, scaly, swollen, turn slightly inward or contain pitting or ridges similar to the skin of an orange.

Nipple discharge

Sometimes, the patient may also experience nipple discharge. The discharge may be bloody or clear.


The patient may also sometimes feel pain in the nipple.


Women with breast cancer can also observe swelling or mass inside the armpit.


A lump near the breast or armpit is a clear indication of breast cancer.


Sometimes, the patient would also find a rash on a nipple or in the surrounding area of it.

The most common breast cancer symptoms include bone pain (bone metastases), shortness of breath (lung metastases), drop-in appetite (liver metastases), unintentional weight loss (liver metastases), headaches, neurological pain or weakness (could be brain metastases)

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