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Ahobilam – A Pilgrimage Place for the Hindus

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Located in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Ahobilam is a holy pilgrimage place for the Hindus in the Kurnool district of A.P. According to the beliefs of the Hindus, this is the place where Lord Narasimha had blessed Vishnu’s devotee Prahlada and also killed the evil king Hiranakashyap—who was after his own son’s life, since his son refused to worship him and worshipped Lord Vishnu instead.

The place consists of two famous temples, respectively known as – the upper Ahobilam and the lower Ahobilam.

When it comes to linguistics, Telugu is the main language in Ahobilam and majority of the population here depend upon collecting bamboo and honey as a means of earning their livelihood and according to the recent statistics, in the main area of Ahobilam, there are hardly three-five families, as the rest of them have relocated to other places in the Kurnool district.

When it comes to transportation facilities, Ahobilam doesn’t have direct connectivity via railway. People can come down to the junctions of Kurnool or Nandyal, and then board a bus to reach Ahobilam.

You can find the details of the main elements and shrines below:

Perumal (Lord) : Ahobila Nrisimha – Sitting posture in Chakrasana facing East (Main temple)
Thayar (Consort) : Lakhmi, Senjulakshmi
Other shrines : Jwala Nrisimha, Malola Nrisimha, Kroda Nrisimha, Karanja Nrisimha, Bhargava Nrisimha, Yaogananda Nrisimha, Kshatravata Nrisimha, Pavana Nrisimha
Pushkarani : Pavanasini, Bhargava, Indra, Nrisimha,Gaja Theerthams
Vimanam : Guhai (Cave)
Pratyaksham : Prahalada, Adivan Satakopan

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