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About OBI – Mobile Company in India

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About OBI

Formerly known as Obi Mobiles, Obi Worldphone was founded in the year 2014, by John Sculley, who is the former CEO of both Apple Inc. and PepsiCo.

The company is a popular silicon valley smartphone manufacturer, targeting emerging markets of smartphones, and has its headquarters situated in San Francisco, California, in the USA.

The areas in the world that Obi Worldphone fundamentally serves include the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Latam. The company has over 70 employees currently.

Obi went on to launch two of its first smartphones in the month of August in 2015, and both of them were powered by Android OS from Google.

The pioneer phones were low-cost smartphones and garnered good reviews ever since they were released.

The two models were called the Obi SF1 and the Obi SJ1.5 respectively. The Obi SF1 managed to get awarded for being the fifth most popular smartphone in Vietnam in the VN Express’ Tech Awards in the year 2015.

The third in the list was called the Obi MV1, which was announced in the month of February in the year 2016 and was released soon after in March 2016, in Latin American, Asian, African, as well as European markets.


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