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About MTS – Mobile Company in India

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About MTS

Founded in the year 1993, MTS, abbreviated for Mobile TeleSystems, is a Russian joint-stock company, which also happens to be the largest mobile-operator company in the entirety of Russia.

It has its headquarters located in Moscow, Russia. In India, MTS is known as MTS India, which is a subsidiary of the main Russian MTS and has its headquarters in the capital city of India, New Delhi.

The company offers products and services like local telephone service, cellular networks, broadband connection, digital television, as well as satellite television.

The network of MTS functions on GSM standards, and in Russia, MTS provides its mobile services to 81 out of 83 regions, including territories of Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, as well as Turkmenistan. In fact, the company also holds the record of being the biggest mobile operator currently in both Central and Eastern Europe.

The company also began a partnership with globally popular network service provider Vodafone in the year 2008, and by 2015, the partnership expanded radically with new strategies and as a result of this, MTS Ukraine met with a rebranding and turned into Vodafone Ukraine.


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