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About Mitashi – Mobile Company in India

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About Mitashi

Founded in the year 1995, Mitashi is an Indian company built with prime focus on ‘’edutainment’’ for kids, aiming at producing electronics that are centered on education and entertainment for growing kids. It has its headquarters located in the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra.

From portable devices to LED TVs, washing machines, desktops, laptops, and now mobile phones and tablets, Mitashi has been a prominent name in the consumer electronics market in India.

Coming to the zone of smartphones and tablets, Mitashi has so far launched low-range to mid-budget Android smartphones. The price range of these products varies somewhere between Rs. 5,990 to Rs. 15,990 maximum. Recently, Mitashi has also launched the world’s first smartphone with dual speakers and joysticks for gaming purposes, and the model is known as the Mitashi AP 330, priced at Rs. 15,990.

Other product offerings in the smartphones and tablets range by Mitashi include models like the Mitashi AP 105, the Mitashi BE 200- which is a 9 inches sized tablet from Mitashi, the Mitashi AP 103.

Other than the Mitashi BE 200, other tablets from the brand include models like the Mitashi BE 142 2G, the BE 102, as well as the Mitashi,  BE 175 3G, all powered by Android OS from Google.

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