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About M-TECH – Mobile Phone Company in India

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About M-TECH

Founded in the year 2010, M-Tech is one of the fastest-growing mobile brands in the country currently, with its roots in India. It aims at providing quality mobile handsets to the consumers, wherein the devices are not just pocket-friendly, but also provides them with unmatched features to keep up with the growing demands of the smart generation of technology and mobile communications. It has its headquarters located in the capital city of New Delhi.

So far the company has managed to successfully produce a list of impressive and durable feature phones, and currently, also manufactures smartphones, keeping their ingenious designs of smartphones as their USP. The brand has also managed to make its mark in the neighbouring country of Nepal.

M-Tech so far has a list of features, PDA, and smartphones to its credits, all of which are aimed at all income groups of the society, keeping the primal motto as providing people with affordable devices without making a compromise on quality.

Ever since its year of commencement, M-Tech has successfully managed to expand itself within the country and at present has over 20,000 retailers in India.

The most popular smartphones by M-Tech currently include models like the Turbo L5, the Ace 7, the Turbo L7, as well as the Turbo L9, all of which are powered by Android OS from Google.

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